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Thriving Families Program

THRIVE, our ethnocultural parent-child program, provides groups for immigrant and refugee families serving communities like the Vietnamese, Chinese, Eritrean/Ethiopian, Filipino, Karen, Oromo, Sudanese, Somali, French-speaking African, and Eastern European communities. Groups run weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the ethnocultural community. 

*Groups Serving Afghan communities will be piloted soon.

“I can spend time and relate to other families (same culture) who have children with disabilities. We share resources and network together. Most importantly to support each other. We dont feel alone or isolated." - Thrive Program Participant 

Love for Grandchild

Connection Through Generations

These programs have a parent component and a child component. Both components are delivered in families’ first languages and are participant-driven. Our programs are delivered virtually, in person, or hybrid.


  • The parent component provides social networking opportunities and builds parents’ knowledge and skills around topics identified by parents, such as parenting in two cultures, health, early childhood development, the Canadian school system, and nutrition. 

  • The child component supports the development and self-esteem of young children by offering activities in their first language and English, including cultural songs, dances, games, and crafts.


For more information, or to make a referral, contact

“Kids are being exposed to their culture within the community, and that's really good for their development.” -Thrive program participant

Image by Hannah Busing
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